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I woke up yesterday morning to find I had been linked to a lovely review by Inez de Miranda, writing on Ink Pantry, of Spark and Carousel

Inez said :

“…Spark and Carousel is a fantasy novel. It contains magic and demons, but apart from that it’s realistically gritty. The city is riddled with filth and depravity, social inequality is a fact of life, and the characters act and react like real people, spark-and-carousel-front-cover-digitalin spite of having abilities like controlling rock, or fire, or the weather, or demons.

The characters have flaws, too. No one in the novel is perfect. No one is pure good, and no one is pure evil…

…In spite of its grim setting and the difficult lives of the characters, Spark and Carousel is not a depressing read. It’s one of those books that has cost me precious hours of sleep, and that I sorely miss now that I’ve finished reading it.

I strongly recommend this book to any lovers of fantasy and strong, real characters. I’m buying my next Joanne Hall today.”

Thanks very much to Inez for her kind words. You can read her review in full on Ink Pantry, and if Spark and Carousel sounds like your cup of tea, you can pick up a copy from Amazon or other good bookstores. It’s only £3.99 on Kindle at the moment, or FREE if you’re on Kindle Unlimited!