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It had, of course, completely escaped my notice, but some time this week the hits on this blog crept past the 30,000 mark, which is freakin’ awesome -if I had a pound for every one of those hits I’d…live in a slightly nicer house, I guess 😉

Thanks guys. It means a lot to know that people are reading, and hopefully enjoying, my posts. It’s far more hits than I ever thought I would have when I started Making Things Up For A Living way back when.

Also in the Good News section this week, I have recieved a lovely and considered review of Spark and Carousel from a customer on Amazon .

You can read the full review behind the link, but they did say:

spark-and-carousel-front-cover-digital“The aristocracy could have come straight from a George R R Martin novel, while the lower classes could be meandering into a Brandon Sanderson one without raising an eyebrow. There’s sex that’s enjoyable for women in the book, as well as persecution-free bisexuality and homosexuality. It’s a novel that would probably not have been written this way twenty or thirty years ago.

In terms of the writing, I would put it on a par with the novels of Joe Abercrombie. There’s less of a sense of humour in Spark and Carousel, and the characters, while memorable and charismatic, are not quite as larger-than-life as Abercrombie’s, but they feel more real and believable as a result. If I had to sum it up in one glib sentence, I’d describe it as “Juliet McKenna meets Joe Abercrombie” – if you enjoy the novels of either, you’ll enjoy this one, too.”

Which is, I’m sure you’ll agree, quite humbling and a little bit wow. So thank you very much to the reviewer!

Of course, I have seen Juliet Mckenna meet Joe Abercrombie, and the results were both spectacular and terrifying, particularly without insurance. Make of that what you will… 😉