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Good news, everyone!

For a strictly limited period (approximately the next 48 hours) The Art of Forgetting : Rider will be available for FREE (nothing, zip, nada, squat!) on Amazon Kindle in the UK. You can download it now!

(It was supposed to be free on Amazon.com as well, but someone at Amazon dropped the ball. So sorry about that. We will be running a promo for our good friends on the other side of the Big Sploshy some time in the next few weeks – I promise!)

Art-of-Forgetting-Digital-even-lower-resWe’re really hoping to get a lot of downloads out of this so the book can reach as wide an audience as possible, and pick up some new readers. So please, download it if you can. If you’re already downloaded it or you don’t do Amazon (I know some of you don’t, and I respect that) then tell your friends about it, tweet and retweet about it using #lgbt or #fantasy or even #freebooks (or all three if you have the space), share on Facebook or your own platforms. Let’s see if we can crack that elusive Amazon top ten!


Edited to add – Sammy has just told me that AOF : Rider is ALSO FREE on Apple Ibooks, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords… basically everywhere e-books are sold, as well as that Amazon. So if you don’t do Amazon there are plenty of alternatives!

I really do appreciate your help with this one – every download, tweet and mention will help to get the book into the hands of new readers, and it won’t cost you a penny 🙂

So go go go! 🙂