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So I woke up this morning, walked the Daggitt, then turned on my computer to discover this :

Screenshot (7).png


It turns out that during the night The Art of Forgetting : Rider had sneaked its way up the Amazon charts and was sitting happily at #1 on both the Contemporary Fantasy chart AND the Top 100 Coming of Age Fantasy chart, pulling faces at the books just below it.

How awesome is that? Super awesome, that’s how awesome.

While I’m aware that people can become Amazon bestsellers with books written by their feet, right now I’m just really really happy and I’d like to thank everyone who’s downloaded it so far. It means an awful lot, to me personally and to Kristell Ink as a company (seriously can’t stop grinning right now!). Cake and champagne all round!

And to keep the party going a bit longer, Rider is also finally FREE on Kindle in the US as well – it took a while but we got there in the end. And we might keep the promo running for a little bit longer than we originally intended too, so fill your boots and tell your friends!