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Those splendid people at Far Horizons Press have just launched an IndieGoGo fundraising campaign in order to finance THREE SFF anthologies they have in the works.

FORMER HEROES : Have you ever wondered what happens to heroes once they stop being heroes? Then you need to read this book to see how real life heroes, heroic buildings, starfarers and super heroes cope with no longer being heroes. Includes stories by David Gullen, Gaie Sebold, Andrew Goodman, Peter Sutton and Sara Jayne Townsend.

FOREVER HUNGRY : Do like brains? Do you like munching into their gooey goodness, do you salivate at the thought of getting your hands deep inside the cranium and stuffing that grey matter into your ever-chomping jaw? Do you, in fact, like Braaaains!? If so then this book is for you. Over 20 stories of the shambling undead for your pleasure.

FANTASTICALLY HORNY : Do you want your erotica to explore new worlds and new species? Do you want to read sexy sci-fi  or fantasy with added, er fantasy? Then this book is for you, a collection of tales to titillate and tease. Find out what those aliens, robots, dragons and centaurs get up to in the bedroom.

So if you like heroes, zombies, or shagging (and if you don’t like at least one of these things I’m sorry but you’re DEAD INSIDE) – or indeed a combination of all three, you should check out Far Horizons IndieGoGo campaign and bung them a few quid to help them on their way!