A fabulous review from Interzone for Margret Helgadottir’s “The Stars Seem So Far Away” – read more here :

Margrét Helgadóttir

imageInterzone has a very lovely and balanced review of my debut book The Stars Seem So Far Away in the last issue.

The issue (263) is not on internet, but you can see the table of contents in the magazine and how to get yourself a copy here. Interzone is the longest-running British Science Fiction and Fantasy magazine. Stories published in Interzone have been finalists for the Hugo Awards and have won a Nebula Award and numerous British Science Fiction Awards.

The reviewer, Barbara Melville, is critical about my structural experiment in the book, a hybrid between a novel and a story collection, but: “this book is still stunningly original.” And: “Imagine J.G. Ballard rewrote The Odyssey” and “Helgadottir should be praised for her bold approach, and in particular for creating an optimistic dystopia.” and “Icy, beautiful language.”

Quite chuffed about the kind words. Thank you!

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