Hello all.

Bit serious here today. An old school friend of mine is in need of assistance. She has three children under five and a husband who is living with terminal carcinoid cancer, diagnosed when she was pregnant with twins.

Kelly’s husband’s illness means he can’t join his family on day trips to the forest or the beach. It means he’s missing out on precious time with his children, and it means that, as a family, they are all missing out on creating precious memories.

An all-terrain wheelchair could change all that. But an all-terrain wheelchair costs around £3600, and with three under-fives it’s hard to raise that sort of money.

Kelly says – I feel like this awful disease is not only destroying our future but is also putting the present on hold. We are not creating any memories as a family as it’s just work and paying bills. Help us, if you can, to give him back some freedom from this disease. It would mean the world to us and give us a chance to make memories.”

Kelly is fundraising to buy an all-terrain wheelchair that would give her husband back some independence and allow them to go out as a family.

Her Fundraising page is here.

If you feel able to chuck in a couple of quid to help a stranger spend more valuable time with his family at the end of his life, and give Kelly’s kids some more time with their dad, then that would be just brilliant. Every penny really would help out a family in genuine need.

Thanks for listening.