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The promotion may have ended in the UK, but The Art Of Forgetting : Rider is still available for FREE on Kindle from Amazon.com – go get it, my US friends!

Art-of-Forgetting-Digital-even-lower-resWe’re running a Bookbub promotion for this one, so we’re all hoping to get the book into the hands of as many new readers as possible, and hoping even harder that they enjoy it and tell their friends. So please, download it if you can. If you’re already downloaded it or you don’t do Amazon (I know some of you don’t, and I respect that) then tell everyone you know about it if you think they’d enjoy it. Please tweet and retweet about Rider using #lgbt or #fantasy or even #freebooks (or all three if you have the space), share on Facebook or your own platforms.

The book has already hit number one on Amazon in the UK, let’s see if we can do the same in the US.

And HUGE THANKS to everyone who has downloaded, tweeted or in any other way supported this campaign – it really has made a difference, with a huge uptick in people buying (and paying for!) Nomad, as well as getting that lovely “Number One Amazon Bestseller” sticker! So just one last push and then we can all go and grab a cup of tea….

Rider is ALSO FREE on Apple Ibooks, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords… basically everywhere e-books are sold, as well as that Amazon. So if you don’t do Amazon there are plenty of alternatives!