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A whole flurry of Fight Like A Girl fun has been going on this afternoon, so here are some links.

Firstly my wonderful and hard-working co-editor Roz Clarke has talked about the now-legendary launch on her website. Roz has also spent the last week or so putting together a 50-minute video of the highlights of the launch, which you can now watch on Youtube. Or, in fact, here :

So you can re-live the highlights any time you want!

Meanwhile, over on Fantasy Faction, AFE Smith (who I was lucky enough to meet at the launch) has written a generous and comprehensive review of Fight Like A Girl – read it here.

She also says :

“If you grab a copy of the book before Saturday (April 16th) then you can join in the Fight Like A Girl readalong! Every day between 16th and 30th of April, we’ll be discussing a new story from the anthology on the Fantasy-Faction Facebook page. I always find chatting about short stories fascinating, because everyone gets something slightly different out of them, so there’s always something new to discover. And some of the anthology authors may well be there too. So join us!”

You totally should join in with that. I’ll be following it with interest!