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Art-of-Forgetting-Digital-even-lower-resOver on “Have Book Will Read” Juliana Spink Mills has kindly posted a combined review of both volumes of The Art of Forgetting – and don’t forget Rider is currently still FREE on Amazon.com if you like the sound of it! (Still #1 in Epic Fantasy too, thanks to everyone who has donloaded it!)

Juliana says :

“Hall’s prose is crisp yet flowing, and she does a masterful job of treading the line between overly sparse and heavily ornate description that so many epic fantasies have trouble with. Rhodri’s tale begins with the familiar setting of the military schoolground, but never quite settles into the expected, keeping us constantly on our toes.”

You can read the full review here – I was very happy to be included in her recent reads alongside Myke Cole, who is an excellent writer and a really nice chap, –  and Mark Lawrence.

Thank you, Juliana!