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Featured Image -- 3586I have just found this rather lovely review of Fight Like A Girl on Adventures in Writing & Reviewing. The review says :

There are sixteen stories in this book and honestly, I can’t tell you which I loved the most.  Each fantastic story is written with a woman hero in mind.  First, I have to admit, the cover caught my attention more than anything else.

The fact that FIRST, it’s a paper doll and she’s giving you the stink-eye.  I love it… she’s got all the toys a tomboy, like myself, would want- depending on the situation.  She’s tough and has everything she needs to stand on her own feet, which is what this book’s all about.

If I had to pick one story that was the absolute best for me, I’d have to say it was Archer 57, by Lou Morgan.  Dystopian stories seem to be the way to go these days, but this one is different…”

You can read the review in full on “Adventures in Writing and Reviewing” – thanks for your kind words!