How lovely! First ever review of The Summer Goddess (from BrizzleLass Books) and it’s a doozy – thank you Claire!

BrizzleLass Books

When Asta’s nephew is taken by slavers, she pledges to her brother that she will find him, or die trying. Her search takes her from the fading islands of the Scattering, a nation in thrall to a powerful enemy, to the port city of Abonnae. There she finds a people dominated by a sinister cult, thirsty for blood to feed their hungry god.

Haunted by the spirit of her brother, forced into an uncertain alliance with a pair of assassins, Asta faces a deadly choice – save the people of two nations, or save her brother’s only son.

We meet Asta as the strong, warrior leader of her tribe on the day raiders arrive and take the women and children and kill many of the warriors, including her brother. When she is betrayed, her journey to find her missing people is undertaken in a way she couldn’t…

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