Good news, everyone!

My lovely publisher’s parent company, Grimbold Books, have launched a brand new Patreon that you can sign up and back right now, even though it doesn’t officially start until August 1st (you get early dibs here, you lucky lucky people!)

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Patreon idea, it’s a way to sponsor creative industries and enterprises (and people) with a small monthly payment that will grant you access to exclusive bonus content (and, in the case of Tea and Jeopardy, sometimes cake…)

So, as an example, backing the Grimbold Patreon by seven dollars a month (about a fiver at time of writing, though that could change…) would give you access to exclusive interviews with published authors, short stories, and previews of new books.

Sounds good, right? There are lots of different levels of backing, so it should be affordable for everyone.

Let Sammy tell you why we’re doing this :

To date, we have personally and privately funded all aspects of publication – from cover art, internal illustrations, promotional materials, editing, paperbacks via a Print On Demand distributor with links to bricks and mortar stores, competition prizes and marketing. 

Our Patreon will help us continue to publish the high quality and exciting titles you’ve read so far, but with the added bonus of giving us some ‘breathing space’ and free up funds for more marketing and more exquisite stories and artwork. 

Publishing isn’t a cheap business and isn’t a case of simply writing a story, reading it through and publishing via Amazon, and we have vowed to never compromise on quality. We want to bring you more fairytale collections with personalised illustrations in gorgeous hardback editions. We want to share our novellas in print form with you, not just paperback, but in limited edition casebound. We have plans for audiobooks and large print editions, but of course, all this costs money and we hope you can join us.


We’d also love to expand our catalogue by taking on more titles and authors; with the funds we hope to raise on Patreon, we would be able to achieve this by outsourcing more editing, production and design work. Grimbold receives so many high quality manuscripts, and selecting the very best is both a pleasure and a nightmare. We want to be able to say ‘yes’ to more books, and we hope you can help. We want to grow at a steady and sustainable pace, but we aren’t afraid to admit that sometimes, to reach a dream, you do need help. 

Our plan is to bring all supporters exclusive content in the form of short stories, interviews, poems, artwork, works-in-progress and more. We will post regularly on Patreon and give our pledgers access to these works. 

For our bigger supporters, we will send you codes for free eBook downloads from our back catalogue and current releases. You will have access to all Grimbold Books, Kristell Ink and Tenebris Books publications. Hours and hours of enjoyment – guaranteed!

If you choose a higher monthly pledge, you’ll get new releases sent straight from the printers, and all the extras associated with your chosen tier. 

Our first goal is $300 a month. Anything above that will simply blow us away. It will mean however that our dreams can perhaps become a reality.

Once we hit 25 backers, we will hold a monthly prize draw where you can win amazing stuff! Everything from art prints, books, bookmarks, and Amazon vouchers will be up for grabs!

You can be a part of something special. Come join our team of over 25 authors and artists. 

So what are you waiting for? Please, get pledging!