Balmoral Murraine works in a Battery, assembling devices she doesn’t understand for starvation pay. Pasco Eborgersen is the pampered son of an Elite, trying to navigate the temptations of the Pleasure Houses, the self-sacrifice of the Faith, and the high-octane excitement of Steel Ball. They never should have met, and now they will rip the world apart.

What happens when ninety percent of the world lives on skaatch – a jellyfish and insect composite?
What happens when mankind spends more time in alternative life sims instead of in the “real” world?
What happens when economic interest is the sole determinant of global decision-making?
What happens when a single secret is discovered that calls into question everything we have ever believed?

Welcome to the Autonomy. Welcome to your future.



Autonomy, Jude Houghton’s near-future SF thriller of a world in thrall to profit, where gamified religion is the opiate of the downtrodden masses, and where two broken people just might be able to change everything… And it’s out today, so if this sounds like your cup of tea go get it!

Autonomy is available from Amazon UK and Amazon.com on Kindle, and will be out in hardcover on July 31st.

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I was hooked on Autonomy from page one, and every time I second guessed where the plot was going, Houghton tossed in a plot twist that made the story just that much more interesting. While the book is technically science fiction, the story itself is an intense horror story depicting what could happen to mankind if we allow money and power to take precedence over humanitarian causes.  – Reader’s Favourite 5/5

Equal parts post-apocalyptic and dystopian fiction, Jude Houghton’s mind-blowing epic tale of humankind’s struggle to survive in a critically overpopulated world stripped of all its resources is nothing short of a science fiction masterwork. – Blueink Review