I’ve been comparatively quiet on the SFFnal blogging front of late, partly because I’ve been busy with every other aspect of my life, but mostly because I’ve been feeling burned out on the same endless cycle of arguments. Back in high school, I once spent a frantic evening completing a history assignment I’d technically had […]

via WFC 2016: Programming Thoughts — shattersnipe: malcontent & rainbows


Foz Meadows, being as articulate and impassioned as ever on the reluctance of WFC programming to embrace the 21st Century, or women, or POC, or god-damned young people. Again. Might as well be running panels on “Get off my Lawn!” and “I remember when this was all fields….” *sigh*

Anyway, go read what Foz says, she’s smarter than me and she writers more gooder….