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As you know, I don’t always share Goodreads reviews, but this detailed one from Steven Poore ( The Heir To The North ) is an absolute stormer. He says :

“…there’s a lot packed into these pages… a distant Emperor tired of church domination, slave markets, cloaked assassins, and a hungry, insane god. Characters drop in and fly out, and there’s a body count that will satisfy even the Grimmest of readers. Joanne weaves apparently disconnected episodes together into a grand break-in and battle set against a siege and does so with skill that tops last year’s Spark & Carousel…

…If you’ve not read Joanne Hall before, you can easily start here – this is the work of one of Britain’s best modern fantasists entirely on top her game.”

Which is all very lovely – thank you Steve!. You can read the full review here, and pre-order both The Summer Goddess and Steve’s The High King’s Vengeance on Amazon.