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Today Kate Coe (Green Sky and Sparks) has kindly written a review of The Summer Goddess and posted it on her blog – thanks Kate!

Kate is a very honest reviewer, and in the past she’s been very clear about what she likes and doesn’t like 😉 She says :

I did like it, but it’s not a nice story; it’s gritty and hard and tough. No-one in The Summer Goddess ever catches much of a break – there’s so much going on in the world that as soon as one crisis is starting to resolve, something else turns up, and then there’s this god, and a mad sect, and slavers, and she’s still got problems from previously, and she needs to find Rhodan…

There’s other stories lurking amongst the one that we follow, and I love that the wider world is always referenced. I felt that the other stories could easily have been followed – not that I wanted them to be, but it’s nice when you get hints that the wider world is out there, and that the other characters have lives of their own. They all have their own motivations, which lends a nice depth… The worldbuilding is wonderful as always, and I love the strangeness – no spoilers, but the temple and the God…urgh!

…. Read it to be swept along and wanting to know what happens next; it’ll tug at your heart and pull you into the world.

You can read the full review on Kate’s blog, Writing and Coe, and don’t forget that if you are a reviewer and you’d like an ARC of The Summer Goddess it’s currently available on Netgalley, and on general release on September 23rd – not long to go now!