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Despite Amazon sneaking it out a few days early, the official release date for The Summer Goddess was actually last Friday, September 23rd 2016. The book is out now across all platforms and from good and bad bookshops, so wherever you are you should be able to get your hands on a copy!

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Cover art by Jason Deem

The Summer Goddess

Available in paperback, hardback and ebook.

ISBN13 – 9781911497011

Available from Amazon UK and Amazon US and all reputable online retailers.

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Talking of reviews, Sarah Higbee has done just that and reviewed The Summer Goddess on Brainfluff – thank you very much, Sarah!

She says :

“As the adventure gallops forward and Asta is catapulted into the middle of a complicated political situation, I appreciated how Hall completely side-steps the inevitable info-dump. Asta discovers the nuances going on around her the hard way – if she gets it wrong, she’ll be beaten or worse, as we learn what is going on alongside her. It’s a nifty trick to pull off  successfully. Her search for her nephew takes her into some dangerous situations and we meet a cast of supporting characters who ping off the page with their vividness and varying attitudes. No one is portrayed as completely good, or all bad, as Asta also makes some major mistakes along the way, too. This nuanced approach particularly applies to the major antagonist, who I found myself pitying even while hoping Asta is able to escape his clutches…

This story is standalone, although it does loosely connect with Hall’s  The Art of Forgetting duology. For me, this is the best book yet. I loved this adventure and it comes very highly recommended to anyone who enjoys epic Fantasy at its sizzling best.”

You can read the review in full on BrainFluff.