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Woke up yesterday to see this rather lovely round up of the year from S J Higbee at Brainfluff, who has included The Summer Goddess in her list of “Outstanding Books of 2016” alongside people like N K Jemisin, Adrian Tchaikovsky (who made it into my top five with a different book), Naomi Novik and Jo Walton. That’s some very nice company to be in!

With that in mind, if you enjoyed The Summer Goddess, or Fight Like A Girl, please consider nominating them for a Hugo, BFS award, Gemmell, or whatever flavour of award suits you! It’s always a tremendous boost to be nominated, not just personally, but for my publishers. Work being published by smaller presses is just as good as anything coming out from the Big Five, and these books (not necessarily mine, but small press books in general), deserve to be nominated, shortlisted, and above all, read. And reviewed, if you really want to make someone’s day.

And speaking as we are of books, just a reminder that if you had a Kindle for Christmas and are looking to fill it up, The Art of Forgetting : Rider is currently FREE on Amazon (UK and US), so why not grab a copy?



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