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PB, 250 pages, Far Horizons Press

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forever-hungryZombies! Thousands of ’em! Don’t shoot til you see the whites of their eyes, boys…

Forever Hungry is one in a trio of themed anthologies brought out recently by the fledgling Far Horizons press, which is helmed by Stoker-nominated Bristol author Pete Sutton. This one, as you might guess from the title, focuses on all things shuffling and undead, from zombie grandparents (“Family Ties” by Stephen Blake, “Hungry Again” by Thomas Logan) to Zombie babies (the nasty “Into the Mouths of Babes” by Sheri White, and the poignant “High Risk” by Sarah Doebereiner) and every type of zombinbetween, from shufflers to rage virus victims, be they sad shuffling things, or, as in “Inhuman Remains” by K M Hazel, which will have you wondering just who the real monsters are…

Far Horizons pledge is to “let unpublished, thinly published and self-published writers and artists showcase their work to the world” which is a fantastic aim but it does give the anthology a slightly uneven tone. By and large, though, good stories outweigh the slightly ropey ones, and there are some undisputed highlights. As well as the aforementioned “High Risk”, other stores worth checking out include “Green Zombie” by Jon Charles, with its sharp and funny twist, closer “In The Absence of Dignity” starring a man who waits too long (by Lee Glenwright), and my personal favourite, the fragile start of the human fight back in Anthony Watson’s “Forlorn Hope”.

If you’re a fan of the mobile undead of any kind, I’m pretty sure you’ll find something tasty to satisfy your cravings in Forever Hungry.