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Art-of-Forgetting-Digital-I’ve been a bit quiet online recently because, as well as all the house-moving fun (How’s it going? Bloody slowly, thanks for asking…) I’ve had a tooth go nasty on me, and yesterday my lovely dentist Maria whipped the little blighter out, so now I have a big hole in my face. So it was very nice to come home from the dentist and find that a stonking review for The Art of Forgetting : Rider had appeared on BrizzleLass Books – many thanks to Claire!

The review says :

Not only does [ Rider ]  tackle the expected military fantasy topics of war, swordplay, and some supernatural elements. The book also tackles sexuality and gender in very comfortable and natural way.

The worldbuilding was exquisite and the city itself became vivid as I read through the book. There wasn’t as much travel as I had expected but there was some and the locations through the travel sections were well described keeping the images flowing.

You can read the full review here on BrizzleLass Books, and if you like the sound of it you can pick up a FREE copy of Rider on Amazon for your Kindle right now!