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These last few weeks really have felt like the worst of times in the UK. Terrorist attack after terrorist attack after terrorist attack (the latest one just last night. The ashes of Grenfell Tower still smouldering while politicians and businessmen alike try and squirm and ooze their way out of responsibility, while the uninformed man in the pub says things like “Well they all came from slums in their own countries anyway, so they should be grateful they had a roof over their heads for a bit.”

Brexit – fucking Brexit – a licence for stupidity and racism. Insisting we can swim out into the darkest shark-infested depths on our own because we don’t need any help from foreign types, thankyouverymuch. I’m not even going to mention Donald Trump because to talk about Paris, about Obamacare, about Russia just leaves me with a mouth full of throwup.

Dark times. We’ve gone beyond “interesting” times into “times that are truly shit” and sometimes a person can feel very small and helpless in a world that has suddenly and inexplicably gone quite, quite mad.

I got no answers here 😦

Only live, love, don’t feel bad about laughing, give (if you don’t have money give of your time), breathe in the fresh air and keep breathing, keep putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, tel yourself It Gets Better, tell your friends It Gets Better, hug each other close and keep good company. Plant a flower, offer a smile, try in a small and modest way to leave the world better than you found it. That’s how we win, not with massive gestures but with an unstoppable avalanche of small ones.

Love to all. Love and keep loving, and we’ll come out the other side of the darkness united.