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Recently I have been more hermity than Hermity McHermitcrab the Legendary Hermit, but the sun is out and it’s beyond time I went out and did something sociable.


Cover by Ian Whates

It’s been a long-term ambition of mine to get something published by the wonderful and lovely people at NewCon Press, and so I’m absolutely delighted that my short SF story “Arrested Development”, which first appeared in Fight Like A Girl, has been selected for inclusion in NewCon’s Best of British Science Fiction 2016.  (pre-orders available at the link!) Double cool because I very rarely write short stories and it’s even rarer that I write SF. Triple cool because this is a story in which I managed to sneak a holographic graffiti tribute to two of my friends who have passed away in recent years….

Other people included in the anthology include (gulp); Tricia Sullivan, Gwyneth Jones, Adam Roberts, Jaine Fenn and Peter F Hamilton, so I feel properly out of my depth and very honoured to be included in such company.

I will be at the launch of Best of British Science Fiction 2016, which takes place on July 8th at 1pm at The Star of Kings on York Way, London – please feel free to come along if you’re available – it would be lovely to see lots of people there!