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October has swept in with a blustery vengeance, leaving me slightly unprepared because for the first time in about a decade I’m not running around doing last minute organising / panicking for BristolCon, so as a result the whole think has sneaked up on me when my back was turned. But fear not! I’m still going to be AT BristolCon, so you won’t miss me that much (if, indeed, you’re the kind of person who’s inclined to miss me at all…)

The Friday before BristolCon (Oct 27th) , in addition to the now-traditional Open Mic at the Doubletree, BristolCon are also sponsoring a Writing Fantasy Fiction panel at Waterstones in the Galleries which will feature GOH Jen Williams, Lucy Hounsom, Anna Smith-Spark, Anna Stephens, me (gulp) and will be chaired by Natasha Bardon of HarperCollins. So that’s going to be loads of fun and I urge anyone who wants to come to join us for what I’m sure will be a lively chat!

Tickets are a mere three quid to cover costs and can be bought from this here link – I think it’s going to be popular so please book now!

BristolCon itself (October 28th) will take place as usual at the Hilton Doubletree on Redcliffe Way and promises all the usual brilliance and shenannigans, and as soon as the timetable is finalised I’ll be able to let you know where I am and what I’m doing, so watch this space….