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Just a few Out and Abouts for your diary this week…

On Saturday afternoon (Oct 21st) I will be reading and signing books at the Tangent Book Fair as part of Bristol Festival of Literature, which takes place at the People’s Republic of Stokes Croft on Jamaica Street from noon until five-ish. That’s a free event – just turn up.

Next Friday (Oct 27th) I will be appearing on a panel at Waterstones in the evening – see this post for full details. Tickets for that are three quid.

October 28th is BristolCon (yay), which runs all day. Guests of Honour are Jen Williams, Jonathan L Howard and Sarah Anne Langton. You can find the full programme at this link.

I will be appearing on two panels as well as interviewing Sarah Anne Langton for her guest of honour appearance. At 10am I will be moderating a panel on Gender Flipping and Fluidity with Virginia Bergin, Tej Turner, Joel Cornah and Lucy Hounsom, while at 6pm (long day!) I will be appearing on a panel with the title of “Oh Ma, not Soylent Green for Tea Again!” (BristolCon panels have the BEST titles!) on the subject of the future of food, with Roz Clarke, Kevlin Henney, R B Watkinson and Peter Sutton. Expect some ranting about mushrooms on that one 😉

Very much looking forward to it, please do feel free to come up and say hi if you see me Out and About!