What’s this, under here, in this forgotten and dusty corner? Why, it’s Making Things Up For A Living, and it’s feeling sorely neglected… Yes, I am a BAD BLOGGER, must do better. And I will – forthcoming will be a review of Paul Cornell’s Witches of Lychford and probably some writing updates. Big Life Stuff has been happening this year and blogging has sadly fallen by the wayside.


There is news, of a sort. The flat is on the market so we should be properly moved soon, the land purchase is going smoothly so far (fingers crossed!), the allotment is productive, I’m working on two novels and editing a third so it’s not like everything has come to a complete grinding halt.

I can announce that I’m going to be a Guest of Honour at BristolCon 2018, alongside Dave Hutchinson (Europe in Winter), which is very exciting! It’s the first time I’ve been GOH at anything and BristolCon is my home con even if we’ve moved out of Bristol by then, so I’m thrilled to have been invited – watch this space for updates!