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Oh lookee, it’s New Years Eve again!

Politically it’s been quite a dark year, with President Moron still vaguely leading what’s meant to be the free world, and, on this side of the Atlantic, the stupidity of Brexit beginning to bite. Sometimes amid all the unpleasantness and general hell-in-a-handbasket-ness that’s going on it’s hard to be creative, so if you’ve Made Good Art in any way this year then I salute you.

I haven’t, much. The odd short, a couple of stories published in The Book of Dragons and Newcon’s Best British SF of 2016. Working on a couple of novels, and the final edit of Islespeaker is sitting on a desk in the bedroom ready to be started on Jan 2nd. And I’ve edited a couple of fabulous books by Jack Teng and Myfanwy Rodman for Kristell Ink, so I’m looking forward to seeing them released next year.

But apart from that it’s been quiet creatively. We moved house in May and we’re hoping to move again in first three months of 2018, so a lot of my energy has gone into The Big Project (which you can follow at http://www.meddwl-coed.com if you feel the urge). I’m hoping once all the moving is done and we get back into a proper routine I will be able to organise myself and write more, but the transitional period is hard.

Still, enough moaning! I read some fab books this year; not as many new releases as I’d like but I made a small dent in Mount TBR. SMASHED the Discoverability Challenge, reading 17 books by women I’d never read before (yay!) and I will blog about that in more detail tomorrow but I’m pretty pleased with that.

Favourite books of the year were Jen Williams’ The Ninth Rain, Zen Cho’s Sorcerer to the Crown, Snowspelled by Stephanie Burgis and Fox Spirit’s Monsters anthologies.

I wish you all a happy and creative New Year. Do the things that make you happy, and keep on rockin’!