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Airship600Following the success of Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion, published by Wizards Tower (over 800 copies sold, which is a huge amount for a small press POD anthology!) we’ve decided to bite the brass bullet and do another one – hurrah!

You can find lots more details over on the Wizard’s Tower website, where Cheryl says :

“Airship 2, as the subtitle suggests, will have a theme of transport. Brunel’s original vision for Bristol was to be a transit interchange where rail passengers from London could transfer onto luxury liners to cross the Atlantic. Since his time, Bristol has become famous for aircraft manufacture. And because this is steampunk there is no reason why Bristol could not become a major spaceport with aetherflyers leaving for the British colonies on the Moon, Mars and Venus.

Adventure can come in many ways. Trains can be robbed by masked automata; ships can be menaced by a giant kraken; airships can be hijacked by foreign agents; and aetherflyers can be raided by Venusian pirates. As with Airship 1, we are hoping that contributors will take the opportunity to interrogate Victorian society and question the conservative values for which it has become notorious.”

We are looking for stories of no more than 6,000 words . Stories must be steampunk, and should have a connection to Bristol and/or surrounding region. Payment will be £50 per story on publication and a share of any royalties.

Please send submissions to: airship2@wizardstowerpress.com.

Submissions will close at the end of April 2018

I’d like to add that we are particularly keen to see stories from under-represented authors, and also from people who maybe haven’t been previously published, but whoever you are, don’t rule yourself out by self-rejecting!

Feel free to ask questions, either in the comments or via the submission email address. Roz and I look forward to reading your stories!