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Hello!  Long time no blog, sorry. Will do better.

But I’m back with great news – Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion II : Planes Trains and Automatons will be launching at Bristolcon and a whole bunch of our authors will be there (and there will be cake, of course). AND we have a full contents list which I’m going to share with you right now….

It’s been five years since our first Bristol-themed steampunk anthology, Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion so this is certainly a long-awaited sequel. We have some returning authors, and a few new ones too, which is always nice.

Looking forward to seeing you at the launch if you’re going to BristolCon – join us?

Cover reveal to follow soon!


Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion II – Planes, Trains and Automatons

Contents List

Off the Rails by Stephen Blake

Let A Mountain Be His Gravestone by Ken Shinn

Closets and Chimneys by Maria Herring

Flying Free by Tanwen Cooper

Defence of the Realm by Cheryl Morgan

Miss Butler And The Last Mail Rocket by Julia Hawkes-Reed

Icarus Unbound by Piotr Swietlik

The Engine At The Heart Of The City by Pete Sutton

Piracy By Any Means by Gareth Lewis

Dead From Above by Ben Wright

The Final Voyage Of Vulcan’s Breath by S J Higbee

Until The Ice Breaks by Scott Lewis

The Martyr by Ian Millsted

The Ends Of The Empire by Felicia Barker

Bath Time by Andy Bigwood

The Pilgrim by Amanda McLachlan

64 Of These Things Are Not Like The Others by Deborah Walker