BristolCon ’15 will be held on Saturday, September 26th 2015, at The Hilton Doubletree Hotel, Redcliffe Way, Bristol.  Last year we had two programme streams and 280 people through the door on the day, gaming in the evening and terrible filmage courtesy of the Bristol Bad Film Club – who knows what 2015 will bring?

Guests of Honour for BristolCon 15 are Jaine Fenn (Hidden Empire series) and Jasper Fforde (Well of Lost Plots, The Fourth Bear). Artist GOH is Chris Moore

Memberships cost £20 until the end of April, then £25 (£30 on the door) For more details and more guests as we get them head over to , or follow us on Facebook or Twitter (@BristolCon).  Hope to see you there!

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