Roz Clarke, Rick Novy and I have put together an anthology in memory of our friend Colin Harvey, who was taken from us too soon in August 2011 following a stroke.

Colin at BristolCon ’09 – photo by Gemma Morgan

Colinthology was launched at BristolCon as part of the “Ghost of Honour” programme item hosted by Marc Gascoigne of Angry Robot.  There were readings from Colin’s work and the anthology, and a showing of Sam Lemberg’s short film “Chameleon”, based on one of Colin’s short stories.  We also showed a short video of Gareth L Powell interviewing Colin for TTA press – I’m going to ask Gareth if I can post that video here.  The book is available on CD via the “Talk to Me” link (limited quantities), and also from the Wizard’s Tower website, at a cost of £2.99.  All profits from the book with be passed on via the BristolCon Foundation to Above and Beyond, the charity Colin was working for when he died.


We are also considering doing a Kickstarter for a print run of the anthology after BristolCon, if we have enough interest and subject to negotiation, but our first priority is to raise some money for Above and Beyond.


Above & Beyond is the local charity that raises funds for all Bristol’s nine central hospitals.  Each year, we invest some £3 million in projects that make a real difference to patients in our city.   We fundraise to improve the hospital environment, fund innovative research, support and train hospital staff and provide state of the art equipment.    Working with inspirational local people, we aim to make a difference to every patient and every condition.  When patients, their families and friends want to say thank you for the care they’ve received at the hospitals, they come to us.


Biz Be Biz – Gareth L Powell and Paul Graham Raven

The Man Down the Road – Nick Walters

A Tale from the Shakespeare Tavern – Ian Millsted

Professor Cornelius J Montague’s Spectacular Spirit Safari – Scott Lewis

An American Were-Hypnotist in Bristol – Andy Bigwood

Bigger Than Jesus – Bob Neilson

Newfangled – K G Jewell

They’re Watching you – Andy Gibb

Looking for a Knight in Shining Armour – Sylvia Spruck Wrigley

The Spell Misspelled – Stephanie Burgis

There in the Detail – Tony Ballantyne

A Better-Bred (TM) Woman Makes Good Her Escape – Sharon K Reamer

Made Things – Roz Clarke

Store of the Gods – Steve Westcott

Lukewarm in Lynhelm – Joanne Hall

Not So Dark Horizons – Raven Dane

Buzz Nausea, King of the Aircraft Men – John Hawkes-Reed

Buffalito of Mars – Lawrence M Schoen

Natural Selection – Joshua Peterson

John and Lee Down by The G’Star – Rob Rowntree

The Big Reveal – Jonathan L Howard

As well as having a story in the anthology, Andy Bigwood (who is multi-talented) did the cover art.

Cover art by Andy Bigwood

The ship is the Matthew, moored in Bristol docks.  The original canvas was sold at Eastercon, and raised £50 for Above and Beyond.  A smaller canvas was given to Kate Harvey at Bristolcon, where a collection raised £160 for Above and Beyond.



From Ephemeral Digest:

Colinthology was placed recently in the Bristol Novel World Cup, hosted on the Ephemeral Digest blog to find the best and most Bristolian novel. While the stories in Colinthology aren’t set exclusively in Bristol, there are quite a few that feature Bristolian themes or locations. Ephemeral Digest said (in a combined review with M P Wright’s Heartman ):

“…Regardless of the quality of the stories, and some such as K.J. Jewell’s Newfangled are exceptional, Colinthology is worth reading because I don’t think you can understand the space fictional Bristol inhabits without the science fiction and fantasy component so aptly edited by Joanne Hall and Roz Clarke.”

Click on the link to see more :



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