Fight Like A Girl

Fight Like A Girl

Joanne Hall and Roz Clarke (ed)

Kristell Ink, 2016


1909845663 (ISBN13: 9781909845664)
Shortlisted for Best Anthology (2017 BFS Awards)

Cover Art by Sarah Anne Langton


What do you get when some of the best women writers of genre fiction come together to tell tales of female strength? A powerful collection of science fiction and fantasy ranging from space operas and near-future factional conflict to medieval warfare and urban fantasy. These are not pinup girls fighting in heels; these warriors mean business. Whether keen combatants or reluctant fighters, each and every one of these characters was born and bred to Fight Like A Girl.


1. Fight Like A Girl – Juliet McKenna
2. Turn Of A Wheel – Fran Terminiello
3. Arrested Development – Joanne Hall
4. Asenath – Kim Lakin-Smith
5. The Coyote – K R Green
6. The Quality of Light – K T Davies
7. Silent Running – Sophie E Tallis
8. Unnatural History – Danie Ware
9. Vocho’s Night Out – Julia Knight
10. The Cold Wind Oozes – Kelda Crich
11. Sword Dancer of Azmai – Roz Clarke
12. Archer 57 – Lou Morgan
13. The Runaway Warrior – Dolly Garland
14. Fire and Ash – Gaie Sebold


Two things that are close to my heart are women in fiction and women fighting, so this anthology is pretty much a perfect thing right out of the gate. Whether it’s in the cage, on the streets or on a spaceship, women can and will fight for survival, for those they love and for what they believe in. This collection explores the how and why of girls battling across a range of genres and cheerfully tramples all over female fiction archetypes, to which I say hurrah! – Adele Wearing, Fox Spirit Books.

Fight Like A Girl is currently available from all good book retailers.