AUTHORS – SF Author Gareth L. Powell – SF Author / Anthology editor Colin Harvey – Author Dolly Garland – YA fantasy author Stephanie Burgis – Fantasy author Jennifer K Oliver – SF author Alastair Reynolds

ARTISTS – The art of Andy Bigwood, Feline Queen cover artist. – Found doing research for Spark and Carousel.  Tom Banwell works in leather and resin to make masks, rayguns and steampunk artefacts, which he sells on his Etsy shop. – Anne Sudworth’s fine art website.


AGENT BLOGS AND RESOURCES – Mike Kabongo – Onyxhawke Agency and hockey fan. – Entertaining ranting from the other side of the desk. – Excellent resource for all things Fantasy, with a thriving forming and interesting articles.  Also possible contenders for “nicest people on the internet.”

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