Eagle Of The Kingdom


Book Three New Kingdom Trilogy

by Joanne Hall

Copyright©1999-2008 by Yellow30 Sci-Fi & The KitchenSink Entertainment Group

All Rights Reserved

Eagle of the Kingdom is the third and final book of the New Kingdom Trilogy series by Joanne Hall. The story opens with Alex awaiting trial, held captive in the desert prison of Telesia, which  lies across miles and miles of barren desert. Escape appears hopeless.

Eagle coverAlex is awaiting trial for publicly humiliating, Penram, the royal  princess. Alex invoked the wrath of her father, King of Telesia, after he sent her home. Humiliation was not what Alex had  intended for the princess; nevertheless, that’s  how it was viewed  by the Telesian ruler.  But  Alex could not help himself; he could love no one but Lydia. But now he was about to pay the price for that love.

Through a series of events at the prison,  Lydia came up with a successful plan to free her husband. It was costly, but in the end it meant their freedom. After their release, they begin to make their way back to their own kingdom, to gather friends and allies along the way. Alex and Lydia are determined to take back the throne and their kingdom and their son from the heinous ruler who is now in command.

Once Valery knew for sure that Alex and Lydia were still alive, he becomes all the more obsessed with killing them. Treachery and betrayal abound on both sides.

Eagle of the Kingdom is a great finish to the New Kingdom Trilogy.  The characters are memorable and consistent from book to book, so it is easy to dive in and pick up where the last book left off. I stayed up late more than one night to read on. Ms. Hall is a great story teller, and I can only hope she has another book on the horizon.  Even though we only have a 5 star rating, I would it rate it higher than that.—Grace Lightfoot, Y-30 Staff

Book Review – Eagle of the Kingdom by Joanne Hall

By Claire Carter


This is the third and final book of a trilogy that has taken over my daydreams, mynightmares, and a lot of my waking thoughts. How will it all end? Will everyone be reunited? Will the bad guys get what they deserved and the good guys win out overall?

A typically grumpy, Eagle-era Lydia, anime style, by Ash (note knife and satchel)

I feel like writing this review will give it all away, but it is inevitable. Joanne Hall is such a writer that even though you know in your heart of hearts how it has to end, she can still shock and surprise. A war raged and there were many deaths and you felt for the fallen, your heart is heavy when the Hawkman holds his little charge in his hands and you shed a tear for the loss of a good friend.

However, in true fashion for this writer, there are MANY unanswered questions. Although you know this is the end of the trilogy you are left wanting much more. What of the witch who plotted to kill a young boy? What of the baby prince? What of our Telesian friends? What happens next?

Here we have a writer who does not do conclusions, but instead keeps us hounding at her door begging for more.

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