The Art of Forgetting : Rider

The Art of Forgetting : Rider

Art of Forgetting DigitalFrom The Cult Den – review by Andy Fairchild :

“…an excellent “rites-of-passage” story set in a well thought out fantasy world. 8/10”

Full review can be found here :

From IA Book Reviews – review by Brandon :

“Joanne Hall’s world creating skills are absolutely beautiful. I followed the characters so closely that I felt a bond with some of them… 7/10”

Full review can be found here :

From Fantasy Faction – Review by Alex Shepherd :

“For me, the story took quite a while to really get going. It becomes a character study of Rhodri that, whilst interesting and engaging, doesn’t move the story forward as much as I would have liked. This is mainly because, when the story does move, it’s a hell of a ride. We meet demons and royalty and see both Rhodri and other characters come into their own. Morality is questioned, bravery is tested and tribulations endured.” 7/10

Full review can be found here :

Cheryl’s Mewsings – review by Cheryl Morgan :

“I’m not going to claim that this is the next best thing in epic fantasy, comparable to the latest George Martin and Guy Gavriel Kay. That would do Jo no favors at all. What I will say is that this is a good book that pulls the reader along at a cracking pace. I’m delighted at the risks Jo has taken with the story and characters, and wish her all the best with this book and the sequel. I very much want to find out what happens to Rhodri after the cliff that Jo dropped him off at the end of this volume. (And yes, I did mean that, I know what cliff-hanging is, and Rhodri isn’t hanging.)”

Full review can be found here :

BRSBKBLOG – review by Pete Sutton

The author explores some big themes in this part of the story around identity, gender and sexuality. She does make the characters come alive and I am keen to read the second book.”

Full review can be found here :

Review by Gillian O’Rourke

Joanne Hall has created a richly developed world, where she has taken careful consideration of not only the majestic a fantasy world can offer, but also its flaws and political instabilities… But it’s the little intricacies of the characters – none are perfect – and the plot, that show the author to be a master of observation.”

Full review can be found here :

Review by Roz Clarke

“Rider is to a large extent a coming-of-age story, and sex and gender are important features. Jo handles these deftly, ducking genre clichés and handling heavy issues with great lightness of touch.”

Full review can be found here :

Review by Jake R Finlay

“The Art of Forgetting is a cleverly told story where our hero – that’s right, I said it, hero – is moulded into man of valour before our very eyes”

Full review can be found here :

From Readers Favourite – review by Michelle Randall

“Joanne Hall is a wonderful writer and has done a beautiful job in crafting a fantasy story that almost feels like a historical novel.”

Full review can be found here :

From Jet Black Ink – review by Leo Cristea

“So, suffice it to say that I did enjoy the pants off of this book in the end, but, just like wages and a sailor behaving badly at port, I had to dock its score. By how much? I’m…not sure. I’m very liberal with my stars, so maybe it would have received the full five, maybe not…”

Full review can be found here :

(Reviews are love, even the critical ones 🙂 )

From saare_snowqueen

“While not specifically aimed at a YA audience, this is a book that many would enjoy. Almost all young people today struggle with the need to identify and define their sexual identities . The authentic way in which the author presents a wide variety of sexual choices, makes for engaging reading for all ages. As an adult reader and a teacher, I was charmed by the antics of boisterous young men growing up and by the sympathetic presentation of their trainers.”

Full review can be found here :

From Brainfluff

“This storming start to the series is an unusual, challenging read for all the right reasons and I shall definitely be tracking down the second book, Nomad.

Full review can be found here :

Review from Emma Maree

“It’s a bold, diverse read, with LGBTQ characters and a bisexual protagonist, that really makes it stand out from the crowd. We need more diverse epic fantasy out there in the world, and THE ART OF FORGETTING delivers that in spades.”

Full review can be found here :



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