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A quick out and about, not just for me. Everyone I know seems to be doing something in the next few weeks.

Next Saturday – September 15th – is SF day at the Trowbridge Arts Festival, featuring Joe Abercrombie, Moira Young, Jonathan L Howard, and a display of art from Andy Bigwood – details at http://www.trowbridgeartsfestival.co.uk/

September 27th-30th is FantasyCon in Brighton.  I will be there all weekend, and on Friday evening I’m appearing on a panel on the subject of “My First Con”, where I will be talking about BristolCon and trying to persuade people to come along. Say hi if you see me!

On the evening of October 3rd Gareth L Powell and Tim Maughan will be reading at the Thunderbolt on the Wells Road, Bristol, as part of the Word of Mouth Festival.

October 20th is BristolCon, where I will be doing panels and running around like a mad thing – more details when they are finalised! http://www.bristolcon.org/ for details.

Hope to see you out and about somewhere!