Hypothetical Writing Retreat?


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Hi all!

As you might know, part of the motivation to move to darkest West Wales was to be able to build a space to hold writing retreats. This is a (very) long term plan that involves us building a house bigger than the shoebox we currently live in and then inviting lovely people to come and write in the peace of the Welsh countryside, with on-demand individual tuition, good food and good company.

We don’t yet have that house, but that’s not going to stop us, not nohow…


The plan, and it is a tentative plan at the moment, is to hire a cottage in the grounds of a nearby estate for a few days at the beginning of November and throw a Lets Kickstart Your NanoWriMo Workshop / retreat. We would be able to provide 1-1 or group tuition and advice, depending on what you want, some food and drink, and lifts from the local stations (Ammanford / Llandybie) and bus stations if you’re traveling by public transport.

We think this would cost around £150pp for 31st-Oct – 2nd/3rd November.

This is just a post to put the feelers out there to gauge interest. If a couple of people say “Yes! We want to do that!” then we’ll organise it.

So, is anyone interested? Please leave a comment or DM, etc…

I’m going to make a Facebook group etc so people can share thoughts, info etc. Lets try and put something together?