Interview with Ellen Croshain about her new book

Al interview with fellow Grimbold author Ellen Croshain (“Cruelty”), whose new book “Cruelty : Unmasked” will be released on May 30th…


So, this story you’ve written. What’s it about? Why should I interrupt my nap-time to read it?
Well, ‘Cruelty: Unmasked’ is a sequel to my first book, ‘Cruelty’. It’s set about 25 years after the events of book 1. Eliza and Cornelius have two children, Áine and Caolán who are 21 and 16. Faroust is still around as Henry the gardener, stewing over what Eliza did to him. But everything isn’t well with Eliza’s family; Cornelius and Caolán are at each other’s throats and Áine, who has recently broken up with her long term boyfriend, has caught Henry’s eye. He deliberately seduces her, with a mind to eventually reveal it to Eliza, and break her heart. Eliza herself isn’t well and seems to be slowly unravelling. And let’s not forget about the Veil. Eliza may have closed it, but that doesn’t mean it’ll stay closed. More than that I can’t…

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