A Series of Fortunate Events – BFS Night and Cruelty Launch!


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Had a busy couple of days round here, taking myself and my grotty cold Out and About.

On FRIDAY I was down at Bristol Central Library for a reading with Gareth L Powell, at an event supported by the British Fantasy Society and with wine provided by BristolCon.

I read an extract from Spark and Carousel, and Gareth read from Macaque Attack, which is excellent, you should buy it, and then we had an entertaining Q and A hosted by Roz Clarke where we talked about character building and YA and long books vs short ones and MONKEYS!

My friend and fellow Bristol writer Cavan Scott took some pictures of the event which he let me share.





Q and A-ing

Q and A-ing

Many thanks to Richard Webb at the BFS and Andrew Cox at Bristol Libraries for doing so much behind-the-scenes work to bring this about.


Then on SATURDAY it was a short hop across the bridge to That Cardiff to see the lovely Ellen Croshain launch her debut novel, Cruelty, which is published by Kristell Ink and edited by me. Cruelty is a paranormal romance with a strong Irish twist, so to celebrate we had chocolate and Guinness cake, and very delicious it was too! The launch took place in the hall attached to the church that featured in the Doctor Who episode “Father’s Day”, and with a stormy sky behind it, it looked very Gothic, as if Reapers were about to descend at any moment. Luckily we ate all the cake before they arrived, so we didn’t have to share it…

Cruelty cover

Congratulations to Ellen! It’s a fabulous book, if Fae and magic and demons and naughty bits are your kind of thing you’ll love it. Proper review coming soon, along with more Announcements of a Mysterious and Exciting Nature – watch this space!


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