Out and About – Bristol Literature Festival and FantasyCon


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Couple of quick Out and Abouts for your information and entertainment – come and track me down!

I will be involved in a couple of events as part of the Bristol Festival of Literature, which runs from October 15th-24th with a host of events across the city.

I will be hosting a table at the Bristol Book Bazaar and Seminar on October 17th / 18th in the Green Lab (which I believe is in the Watershed…) I might not be there both days of the weekend, but my books will be on sale, along with books from Wizard’s Tower and copies of Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion and North by Southwest.

I will also be reading from Spark and Carousel at the BristolCon Fringe on Monday October 19th, alongside Jonathan L Howard who will be reading from his new novel, Carter and Lovecraft – we might make it a spooky event! It’s free, so just turn up as you normally would to a Fringe Night at the Shakespeare Tavern on Prince Street – the fun starts at 7.30 as always.

Then there’s FantasyCon 2015, which runs from the 23rd-25th October in Nottingham – a whole crew of us from Kristell Ink are going and we’re sharing a house, so I anticipate high jinks a-plenty!

I will be on a panel on the Friday night – Diversity in SFF: Are We Still Too ‘Male, Pale & Stale?’ at 7pm in Suite One, with Joel Cornah, Naomi Foyle, Anna Smith-Spark and Isabel Yap, moderated by Laurel Sills.

On Saturday 24th at 12.40 I will be doing a reading in the reading room, sandwiched comfortably between Bradley Beaulieu and Gary Couzens – I’ll be reading from Spark and Carousel so I’ll have to choose a good passage to read!

I will also be lurking around at the launch for The Heir To The North by Stephen J Poore at some time on Sunday. And doing a turn or two on the Grimbold stand in the dealer room, where my books will also be on sale – so it’s a good chance to grab a copy of Spark and get it signed if you missed me at BristolCon!

If you see me at any of these events please don’t hesitate to come up and say hi – I’m a bit shy but I like meeting new people!


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