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“It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive.” – R.L.Stevenson.

I have armed myself with wellies, an umbrella and a small but sturdy canoe for my journey to FantasyCon in Brighton tomorrow, following last night’s once-in-three-decade storms and the dumping of an entire months worth of rainfall over our house on Sunday night.  Luckily we live on a hill, but some lower-lying areas and railway lines took a bit of a submerging…

With a bit of luck, I will be arriving in wet and windy Brighton at about four pm tomorrow.  I have to confess to wrangling with the anxiety-demon a bit – it’s the biggest con I’ve attended on my own so far, and while there will be people there I know from BristolCon, there’s a bit of a gap between your own Con, on home turf, and a huge unfamiliar one on the other side of the country.  I’ve only been to FantasyCon once before, and that was as a punter, in Nottingham, when Neil Gaiman was GOH. I have a vague fear that I won’t know anyone, won’t meet anyone, and will spend the evening huddled in the corner of the bar eating smuggled-in sausage rolls.  So if you spot me doing that please come and say hello!  I’m quite friendly when I’m not paralysed with shyness 🙂

I’m doing a panel at 4pm on the Friday night in the Fitzherbert Room on “My First Con” with Tim Lebbon (The Heretic Land), Guy Adams (The World House), Lou Morgan (Blood and Feathers) and Mandy Slater, which should be fun.  This is my only panel of the weekend, but I’ve already earmarked a few I want to see, as well as pencilling in a mission to buy rock for my friend Kate.  I’m also booked in for a “How to Get an Agent Workshop” with Will Hill on the Saturday afternoon – hoping to get a few pointers, which I will report back on.  Apart from that, I will be mooching freely / hiding in corners as the mood strikes.

Busy week in Bristol when I get back too; Gareth L Powell and Tim Maughan are at the Thunderbolt at 8pm on Wednesday, and BristolCon will be waving flyers at the Iain M Banks signing in Waterstones on Friday. Hope to see you at one or all of these events!

(If you want to meet me (haha) and you’re wondering what I look like, there is an out of date photo on the “About Me” page.  I am shorter in person than I am on the internet….)