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Finally got an hour or so to catch up on everything that’s been going on over the last few days *falls asleep with head on keyboard….*

Wednesday night was Word of Mouth at the Thunderbolt in Bristol, where Emma Newman and I braved the perilously high stage and read various works to a crowd of about forty people, who listened very politely and didn’t boo or throw any vegetables.  We were introduced by Cheryl Morgan, who is a brilliant compare, and Emma read from her mammoth “Split Worlds” series of short stories, and the opening chapter of her novel “Between Two Thorns”. I read “The Feline Queen”, from the short story collection of the same title, and I also gave the first EVER public reading from “The Art of Forgetting” (the river demon scene, if anyone is interested – a nice splattering of blood and gore over a pint of cider.)

Emma reading at The Thunderbolt

Emma reading at The Thunderbolt

Emma, as always, was immaculately turned out and read very well 🙂  Me – not so much, but people seemed to enjoy it and someone who was also at Emma’s launch the following day complained that what I had written had given him nightmares – success!

The following day was World Book Day, which is a Brilliant Thing – I saw so many pictures on Facebook of my friend’s kids going off to school dressed as their favourite book character.  I wish there had been a world book day when I was little – I might have gone as Chrestomanci in a glorious brightly-coloured dressing gown…

Thunderbolt reading

Thunderbolt reading

Anyway, because it was World Book Day I was invited by Mike Dollin to be writer-in-residence at the St Peter’s Hospice flagship store on Gloucester Road for the day. That means a lot to me, I know a few people who have had relatives looked after by the Hospice, and it’s important to me to support it, as well as being a local charity (we’re all about local at BristolCon). When I arrived he had set me up with a lovely reading nook in the furniture department, where people could join me for cups of tea and chat about writing. I sold a few books and read “The Lokemi Spirit” to a crowd of customers, workers on their break, and my mother-in-law, who had popped in specially.

In the evening, Emma was launching her Angry Robot debut “Between Two Thorns” at Forbidden Planet on the Triangle, to an enthusiastic crowd, some of whom had been at the Thunderbolt the previous night. Lee Harris from AR talked about the novel, and Emma’s crazy work ethic and how she really COULD be the next Doctor Who, and then she read (a different section from the previous night, but just as intriguing) before we all decamped to the pub next door (that’s where the debauchery part comes in. I’ll skip over that… 😉 )


Tonight Emma is having a second launch, at Forbidden Planet in London, and I’m collapsing with a cup of tea and my shiny new signed book 🙂