Sometimes, especially this time of year, chairing BristolCon can be quite tiring and stressful. And then somebody posts something like this and it reminds me WHY we got into this conrunning game in the first place, and makes it all worthwhile……


It was about a year ago that I went to my first convention, BristolCon. I’d never been to anything like it before and as a person who usually avoids large gatherings of people, it was a big deal for me.

I was given great advice beforehand. Advice such as, don’t smell and don’t lick authors. Words to live by people!

I’ve no other convention to compare it to, so take my opinions as honest but limited.

I’ve long held dreams of writing but I was one of those people who only dreamed. I’ve got notebooks full of scribbled ideas, opening chapters and doodles – never anything fully formed. I always had an excuse for why it never got any further.

Still, I love books, I read comics and watch films old and new. So, with a bit of encouragement from my wife, I toddled off to Bristol last year.


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