S J Higbee has posted a smashing review of “The Art of Forgetting : Nomad” on Brainfluff today… 😀 Check it out below!


I’d read the excellent first part of this unusual Fantasy rite-of-passage book Rider earlier this year, see my review herenomad. And when at Bristolcon, it was a no-brainer that I’d buy a print copy of the sequel and get Joanne Hall to sign it for me. I’d thoroughly enjoyed the first book in this series, would the second book go on delivering?

In a single moment of defiance, driven by a rash act of compassion for a stranger, Rhodri turns his back on his unit, his country and his comrades in arms. Taken in by the Plains Hawk tribe, he finds compassion, love, and a new purpose for his unique memory. But just as he is coming to terms with his decision, they are overwhelmed by a threat that throws the tribe into chaos, menacing their nomadic way of life and the people he has grown to love.


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