There’s still time to enter Kristell Ink’s feline-themed flash fiction competition – give it a whirl!


Feline Flash Fiction Competition

On the 16th July 2013, Kristell Ink is exactly one year old…

“Holy potato, Batman! How did that happen?”

Exactly. Time has flown, and our first twelve months have been full of excitement, heartache, heartbreak, laughter, happiness, sadness and tears. However, we wouldn’t change a thing. We’ve loved putting together our books and releasing them into the big bad world.
Non-Compliance: The Sector, Strange Tales from the Scriptorian Vaults, Healer’s Touch, Guardians of Evion, Darkspire Reaches, Space Games and The Art of Forgetting: Rider… all of them have that something special. Over the next twelve months we have more wonderful titles to share.
As a little thank you/ writing challenge, we’re running a small flash fiction competition. In 500 words, we’d like you to tell us a fantasy/science fiction/steampunk/ subgenre story involving something with a feline feel.
“Feline? Huh? Why?”

Well, In May 2013, Kristell…

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