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My publisher Sammy has sent me the most wonderful procrastination-and-timewasting link to a site called IFList – The World’s Platform for Movie Ideas and Dream Casting.

On the site you can suggest actors for dream roles, or cast any book, comic etc as a TV project with the actors / director etc of your choice… You can already see what a fatal time suck this might turn into, can’t you?

Of course, being a world-class procrastinator, one of the finest procrastinating in SFF today, I had to have a go.. But alas! Most of the actors I first thought of in roles when I was writing The Art Of Forgetting are now too old for the roles (hey, it was a long time ago I wrote it!)

So I need YOUR help to re-cast the Art of Forgetting movie!

Who would you like to see starring, directing, even doing the music? I’ve added a couple of suggestions to get you going, but the rest is up to you! Blog kudos and maybe even small prizes for the best suggestions, so get your casting caps on and have fun 🙂

And if you have suggestions for stars for Spark and Carousel or even The Summer Goddess, add them to the site. Registration is free and takes seconds, and who knows, you might find it useful or fun for casting your own books, or, I don’t know, suggesting Tom Hiddleston stars in every film yet to be made…

I might be playing with this for the rest of my life….