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As you know, my lovely publishers Grimbold Books are literally just about to launch their Patreon to be able to bring you yet more fabulous goodies from Grimmie World. I’ve blogged about this in small detail before, but now the time is a bit closer I thought I’d better go and find out a bit more and discover what we’re up to, and what goodies you might be able to get if you pledge.

Sooo – an ebook every month if you pledge over $10 – if you sign up in August you get a copy of Kate Coe’s completely brilliant Green Sky and Sparks, and there will be a different ebook from our extensive back catalogue every month.

For $20 a month you can get all our forthcoming books as e-arcs before they go on general release – so if you sign up now that means e-copies of our September releases :

The Sky Slayer by Joel Cornah

The High King’s Vengeance by Steven Poore

AND an early copy of The Summer Goddess!

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Are you still here?

Ok, if you pledge $7 a month, you’ll get exclusive short stories by Grimbold authors, interviews with authors and sneak peeks at future projects – how exciting is that?

Pledge levels start at $1 a month, so everyone can share the fun. Please do consider making a pledge, and if you can’t make a pledge, then please share this with your friends and encourage them to pledge!

Once we reach a pledge level of $300 we’re going to put together an anthology of SFF flash fiction. Beyond that.. well, the sky’s the limit. We have big plans. and we want YOU to be a part of them, so come join the monstrous regiment of Kitties… You won’t regret it.